Nearly there

Ahhh. I am finally catching my breath, after a whirlwind of events. There have been friends to dance with (exuberantly!) at Cat Club, a half marathon to run, a bevy of fantastic last meals at Range, Bar Jules, and Citizen Cake, and a beautiful wedding to attend. All in addition to the packing, shipping, and moving involved with relocating to another city. I haven't had a chance to even really get excited about the thought of living in NYC, until now. I'm feeling disheveled, nervous, sad, and happy all at the same time.

I've started to become known to my friends as the friend who likes to leave town every other year or so. I swear I don't do it for the free meals, attention, and City Walk cards from Krissy. (Although I would love to get the one for Paris and Barcelona one day, ha.) I get antsy in one place. But if the past is any indication of future behavior, I will return.

To all my family and friends who continue to let me be antsy: thanks for all the hullabaloo. :-) I do love and appreciate it all. The next time I post, I'll be in NYC. Crazy.


Link of the Day

From Shouts & Murmurs, "Fourteen Passive Agressive Appetizers":

"3. Steal Cheryl’s famous potato-salad recipe. When Cheryl asks, “Why did you steal my recipe?,” say, “I don’t know, Cheryl, why did you break my heart?” Then laugh so she knows you’re just kidding."