Late February notes

Oh boy. It's almost been a month since my last post -- a rather tame confession on this Ash Wednesday. Not that the past few weeks were uneventful. I turned 30(!) and celebrated that justly with a night out and an extravagant dinner at Dovetail (more on that later).After that, I squeezed in an impromptu trip to SF to catch up with friends. Started the weekend with the Ferry Building Farmers Market breakfast of champions -- some Primavera chilequiles and fresh snapper and shrimp tostadas. Caught a bit of the rain-free Chinese New Year Parade,and walked through Sutro Heights Park to the Land's End trail.Also had time to feast at two of my favorite restaurants, Bar Crudo and Delfina Pizzeria, for dinner. I know it's been raining cats and dogs in SF lately, but that weekend, SF had New York beat.