Eastern Destination #3: Leaf Hunting in Cold Spring, NY

I hit the jackpot this weekend because Sunday was also blissfully work-free. This left Evan and I ample time for something I've always wanted to do -- leaf hunt on the east coast! So we borrowed our friend, Justin's car, crossed the George Washington Bridge and headed north along the Hudson River on the Palisades Parkway.Although I didn't catch too many with my camera, we spotted some gorgeously vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and fading greens all along the way. Passing all sorts of Stars Hollow-esque little towns, we stopped off at small farmers' market for some local Cortland apples and Bosc pears (which will go towards this dark gingerbread pear cake this week, mmm.) We kept driving north to Cold Spring, a quaint town with lots of antique shops and great views of Bear Mountain on the Hudson.We even scored this fantastic 1950's fiberglass chair! (A perfect addition to our rather seating-challenged apartment, ahem.)Apparently, the colors of the leaves are even brighter the further you head upstate, but we did spy some beauties along the way.I have to say I'm liking this first eastern autumn.

First Fall Weekend

Ahh, what a difference a day makes! One thing I've learned from being in New York for almost two months is that it's very easy to work in New York. You could literally work ALL THE TIME in New York. It is, however, much harder to live. This weekend, for the first time since I started working (and excluding last weekend in San Diego), I've had my first weekend free of my ever-so-demanding crackberry, yay! Thankfully, we were also blessed with fantastic autumnal weather. Started off the weekend with a run through Riverside Park to the 79th Street Boat Basin for a taste of the Marina in the Upper West Side.
Worked up enough of an appetite for Nova and cream cheese on an everything bagel from Absolute Bagel.Then met my friend, Eliza, for a spirited taiko performance outside our apartment in Straus Park.Picked up a new Obama button.Headed into the city to run some errands and happened upon a little flea market.Then indulged in some pretzel croissants and decadent hot chocolate from City Bakery, mmm.Oh Saturday, how I've missed you. Perhaps we'll meet again next weekend?