Eastern Destination #4: Naples, FL

I know it's beginning to look like a pattern -- all Eastern Destination postings and not many NYC-centered ones, but I swear, I'm working on it. In any case, I am very thankful to have a boyfriend whose parents live in sunny, mild, and laid-back Naples, Florida. We didn't do much, except go to the beach, birdwatch,play tennis,and watch the sun set.Combined with cookbook reading and swimming, the whole trip suited me just fine. By the end of the week, I was ready to proclaim Naples as my own retirement city of choice. This destination is definitely worth a repeat.

(Before you get at all jealous, there was a dark side to this trip. I developed a pretty nasty pie habit -- one might say, addiction. I don't know where key lime pie has been hiding all my life, but oh man, is it good. I couldn't bring myself to document it; I think out of shame...or maybe it was just sun-induced laziness.)



...to be an aunt today! Say hello to my new nephew, Jack, who arrived yesterday morning at 9:30 AM, weighing in at a whooping 6 lbs. 5 oz!I cannot wait to meet this adorable, little burrito of a person!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Hope you find yourself surrounded by delicious food, warmth, and good friends and family to make it all the more worthwhile. xoxo


Life on...a tv set

A few weeks ago, it was "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." Last week, it was "Life on Mars." Apparently our neighborhood is prime for filming gritty, urban crime dramas. We still don't have a tv, so I'll have to ask my resident crime drama specialist, Bee, is this show any good?? They blocked off pretty much every street in our neighborhood to film it.Check out Harvey Keitel about to bust a motorcycle gang, ha.I'll keep you posted on what show is filmed next!


Yes, we don't!!

Have to leave the country, that is! (Were the words "heartbeat away" terrifying to anyone else? That's all I'm saying.) I know I'm a johnny-come-lately to the news, but it's still inspring, even a week later. More of a post later, but here's to being an American! :-)