Biking along the Greenway

New York City: simply saying those words conjures up images of honking yellow taxi cabs, a maze of whirring subway lines, and Pace picante salsa. But it's amazing how much the city really opens up to you on a bike. Yesterday, we took our fixies out for a ride along the Greenway path that circles the island. What a great city resource! The light wasn't so great, and I only had my iPhone camera on me, but the weather was just fine for a bike ride. We started by heading down the West Side Highway bike path.From there, we went all the way down, past the ambling tourists, through Battery Park to South Street where we could see the Brooklyn Bridge and the clipper ship in the distance.We decided not to ride into Brooklyn this time, but paused to admire the bridge from its base.Biking further east, we passed the Manhattan Bridge.We almost made it to the Williamsburg Bridge, but decided to get off the path for a late lunch of panini from 'Inoteca (home of the famous egg truffle toast).This time, we ordered the coppa, pepperocini spread, and fontina panino and the fontina, roasted garlic, and red chili panino, mmm.
From there, we did a bit of dodgy weaving between cars and cabs on Houston to get back to the West Side Highway path for a straight shot home.

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krissy said...

oooh, that looks like fun. i want to bike around nyc.