Not native, never will be

My two readers already know this, but as of this Friday, July 31st, I will say good-bye to New York City, and subsequently, this blog. I had the best intentions of staying in New York for at least two years to experience life on the East Coast: the golden autumn, snowy winter, sprightly spring, and sweltering summer. The pizza, bagels, wings, and Shake Shack. And the subway trains and cab rides, the masses of people and the tall buildings.I managed to do a lot of the things I wanted during my time here, including:
  • An off-Broadway play, "God of Carnage" (of which I had always meant to blog about and which actually won a Tony award this year)
  • a ballet production of "Romeo and Juliet" at the Lincoln Center
  • a New Yorker Festival event
  • a Mets game
  • a NY Rangers game
  • an air guitar regional championship
  • the AIDS Walk
  • visits to the Guggenheim, Natural History Museum, MOMA
  • Afternoons talking bikes at Continuum Cycles
  • 2 trips to Fire Island
  • 2 trips to Naples, Fl
  • 1 trip to London
  • a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Many visits to Pegu Club and to our local Community Food and Juice (which was blighted by a kitchen fire what seems like many months ago, boo! Re-open before we leave, please?)
  • Many bike rides through Manhattan, Central Park and along the Hudson
All fun activities that made me fall in love with this city. But I also spent the whole year alternately wishing each of my respective home cities, San Francisco and New York, could be a little more like the other. Unfortunately, I think I will always suffer from wanderlust. Thank you, New York. I guess if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.


krissy said...

yay! Peace out nyc, HELLLLOOOOO SF! :) can't wait to see you soon, neighbor.

Bee said...

SF is waiting for you with open arms. It never stopped loving you, even if you had a steamy hot affair with NY. It forgives you. ; )

Welcome home!! : )