On being healthy (two buck Chuck swilling) Californians

All is not lost: we have a Trader Joe's! Last Friday, Evan and I took a trip to Union Square to stock up. New York law limits the sale of wine and spirits to liquor stores, hence the existence of this:Woohoo! The regular store itself was a bit of a madhouse: But it's comforting to know that our favorites (tartes d'Alsace, creamy unsalted peanut butter, raw almonds, trail mix, and cheap wine) are only a few subway stops away. Yay!

(On Sunday, I also checked out the Whole Foods in the Lower East Side, which has its own pommes frites COUNTER. Ooh baby! Healthy ways begone!)


Arlene said...

ah, i am so happy for you and Evan. TJs is an important part of life, no doubt!

krissy said...

Oh the East Coast and those darn old blue laws. Just sell beer and wine everywhere and it will be a much happier, pleasant place.....maybe like that wonderful place called California! :)

Janice said...

Arlene: Yes, TJs is not part of it, but it's very important. Ha!

Krissy: These puritanical blue laws are a bit frustrating. Yes, California is a much happier, pleasant place. Except for the fact that bars close so early! Oh wait, I haven't yet been at a bar past 12:30 AM...oops. Gotta work on my inner night owl!