Last days as a lady of leisure

Damn my complaining about the humidity! It's subtle, but there's a noticeable chill in the air and the shadows are getting longer as we enter autumn in New York City. Pretty soon, we'll be saying good-bye to the Mister Softee trucks on the street corners. It's a time for transition -- and the end my days as a lady of leisure. Come Monday, I will be gainfully employed. Footloose and fancy-free in New York City no longer, bah.

As a final Friday free day hurrah, we treated ourselves to one last weekday special lunch at Land.A bite of gelato from Grom (pistachio and bacio in the background and yogurt and pear in the foreground).And to go out with a bang, $52.58 worth of Murray's Cheese, Vermont cultured butter with sea salt, spicy soppressata, cornichons, and a bamboo cheeseboard. (We bought a bamboo board, but I thought this olive wood one had a great description and My Fair Lady reference.)

I guess I have to support my expensive cheese habit somehow, sigh.

Off to Buffalo for a wedding, so have a great weekend!


Arlene said...

boo! leisure be gone. ah well, it was good while it lasted riiiight? i, too, can relate to this title. sort of. hope you're having a great time in Buffalo!

Bee said...

good luck at your new job!!! : )

krissy said...

can't wait to hear how buffalo was and all about the new job. you have been a lady of leisure a lot since i've known you....seems unfair. :)

Janice said...

Arlene: Yup, it sure was good while it lasted! But employment is nice too. :-)

Bee: Thanks! I'll give you the scoop on the scene here, ha.

Krissy: I can't wait to catch up! Buffalo post soon, I promise.