Life on...a tv set

A few weeks ago, it was "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." Last week, it was "Life on Mars." Apparently our neighborhood is prime for filming gritty, urban crime dramas. We still don't have a tv, so I'll have to ask my resident crime drama specialist, Bee, is this show any good?? They blocked off pretty much every street in our neighborhood to film it.Check out Harvey Keitel about to bust a motorcycle gang, ha.I'll keep you posted on what show is filmed next!


krissy said...

well that sounds very exciting. you should try to be an extra!

Bee said...

Ha! Ya, well being a British TV loving American, I think the original is WAY better, but people seem to like it so, I don't know? I'm just waiting for the day the British version is available on DVD. *crosses fingers*

Now, if you are going to be an extra, pick L&O SVU. Mariska is my hero. I want her hair! : )

Janice said...

Krissy: I don't know about being an extra. Although Evan told me that Flight of the Conchords were looking for Asian extras. I would have signed up for that in a nanosecond!

Bee: I swear, the crime dramas don't stop! They were filming another one right before I left for Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, I haven't seen Mariska or her beautiful hair, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. I did see Julia Stiles on the 1 train though, ha.