Yes, we don't!!

Have to leave the country, that is! (Were the words "heartbeat away" terrifying to anyone else? That's all I'm saying.) I know I'm a johnny-come-lately to the news, but it's still inspring, even a week later. More of a post later, but here's to being an American! :-)


epl said...

Just who ARE these Filipinos, and why were they for Obama?

krissy said...

I think Canada would have had to build a fence to keep us out. phew!

Bee said...

We should have bought the "paralegals for Obama" pin!! =D

Janice said...

EPL: Who ARE these dorky white guys for Filipinos for Obama?

Krissy: Yup! We can stay! Yes, we can!

Bee: Yes, we should have. Was there one??