Going to work just got a bit easier

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVED working next to the Ferry Building. Escaping the lunchtime drudgery by walking there for an olive roll, some Midnight Moon goat's milk gouda, and a Vietnamese iced coffee was the ultimate office perk in my book. Now that I work in Midtown West, a stone's throw away from the circus that is Times Square, I'm less than enthused by my eatery options. But, look what just opened in Rockefeller Center!

I've thoroughly satiated my cupcake cravings, so I went for the very cheap, recession-proof $0.75 cookies. Out of the chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter cookies, I'd say the latter two are my favorites to-date. Mmm!

No, it's not Acme Bakery, Cowgirl Creamery, Out the Door, or even See's Candies, but it's certainly an improvement over TGIF, Heartland Brewery, and Applebee's, ha.

(FYI, I'm testing out a 12-days of blogging challenge. Can I do it??)


krissy said...

ooh, i like 12 days of blogging. did you take the pic with your iphone? i am envious.

Arlene said...

you're so lucky to have Magnolia Bakery readily available during the workday! i can't tell you how many times i craved some type of cookie right after lunch at work!

Janice said...

Krissy: Yup. I'm finding the iPhone very conducive to frequent blogging!

Arlene: It could be a good thing or a bad thing. But generally, I think it's a good thing, ha.