NYC Ramen Tour #2: Men Kui Tei

Long cold weekends are good for more than just ice skating. We capped off our day of skating by continuing our ramen tour. This time, we returned a repeat: Men Kui Tei.It's a hole-in-the-wall place, packed with Japanese and Asian diners. In the battle between Men Kui Tei and Minca, Evan choses the former, hands down, swearing that it's the most true to what he's had while living in Japan. Having never been there myself, I can't vouch for that comment, but I will say that the Tan Tan Ramen has become a solid favorite. At least my nearest substitute for the hot bowls of pho I used to eat every week in San Francisco.
This time, we ordered the gyoza to start A side of curry rice, which was spicy and sweetA bowl of my usual, Tan Tan RamenAnd a bowl of Extra Spicy Ramen.The broth is thinner and not as porky as that of Minca, but the meal was just as quietly comforting, which is all I really want in a bowl of ramen. Next on the ramen tour: Ippudo!
Men Kui Tei
60 W 56th St, New York 10019


krissy said...

not sure i am interested in ramen. tom is though, i should tell him to read your blog! :)

Arlene said...

we're back to 60-70 degree weather in SD so no ramen for me either. but if our weather turns again a bowl of ramen would be quite comforting. those gyoza look pretty good too! i hear there was another storm?