Resolve, 2009

I gave up making resolutions long ago, but have always started the year with a list of things I'd like to do. Even if I don't get to them, I'm of the camp that thinks it's always good to at least strive for something. This might make me type A, but as someone who is rapidly approaching her 30s (!), I'm actually ok with that. Imagine that!
Without further à dieu, here's what made the list:
* Improve my posture (every year, I swear)
* Eat less meat and more veggies
* Blog more consistently
* Run a sub-4 hr marathon
* Incorporate more color into my wardrobe (this is coming from a gal on day 3 of wearing either black or charcoal or a combination of the two)
* Practice yoga and/or pilates in the mornings before work
* Get to work earlier or at least on time
* Take time to enjoy my mornings (noticing a pattern here that seems to suggest getting up earlier)
* Keep bringing my lunch every day to work (this one actually took!)
* Master a mean coq au vin
* Make a soufflé
* Call family and friends more regularly
* Shop less and save more in these lean times
* Continue my professional development the only way I really can (this is code)

 I'm sure there's more I could do, but I think that'll suffice for now. Here we go, 2009! What's on your list?


Bee said...

Nice list! I only have one item on my list: To Survive!!!! : )

krissy said...

my list is similar. the posture thing is always there but never works! ha!

eat better, be more thoughtful, continue to exercise regularly, get good at something..ha. same old.