On sporting Kristi Yamaguchi hair in Central Park

We haven't seen snow in a few days, but that hasn't stopped us from partaking in all the winter activities that living in a colder climate affords. Like going for a walk on a brisk New Year's morning, buying a cup of hot chocolate and warm packet of honey roasted nuts on the street corner, and biding our time inside the Niketown on 5th Avenue as a brief reprise from the chilly air. But the most quintessential of our winter activities in the city has to be ice skating in Central Park, which is what we did yesterday.

Having harbored childhood dreams of being an Olympic figure skater, an Eastern European pairs ice dancer in a spandex dream of a costume, or the world's fastest speed skater, I couldn't wait to hit the ice. So we headed to Wollman Rink -- where Donald Trump makes some of his $3 billion. After forking over $14 each for admission, $6 for me for skate rentals (Evan had his own, of course, as an ex-hockey player), and another $4 for locker rental, we made it into the rink. Packed with skaters of all abilities -- young hockey players, figure skaters, and 2 year-olds who were probably putting on skates for the first time that very morning -- there was someone falling down every time you looked left or right. In a nutshell, it was like seeing all of New York on the ice.Yes, there's a line to get in; yes, it's expensive; and yes, the ice is packed with tons of people. But it is absolutely worth every penny.


Arlene said...

what a fun thing to do on New Year's Day! totally worth the admission fees and waiting in line. maybe one day we can take Jack there when he's 2 years old :)

Bee said...

Fun! I'm too much a of a scary cat to ice skate. And with my luck, I would probably fall and break an arm! : )

krisssy said...

fun. i haven't ice skated in forever as teh rinks here are terrible. maybe if i make it to nyc this winter we can do it.

Janice said...

Arlene: Yup, we should can. I know Evan would love to teach him how to skate. :-)

Bee: Year of learning, right? Why not finally go to the Embarcadero Rink??

Krissy: Yes, definitely. I thought about how all our previous attempts to skate at Embarcadero were thwarted. Some day!!