Veggie Challenge, Day #1

It's a new year, and everyone is making all sorts of crazy promises to themselves that, let's face it, they probably won't keep. (And yes, this means that I have yet to arrive at work earlier or at least on time.)

This week, we're trying out one of Evan's goals -- a week of vegetarian eating! A challenge for him...not so much for me (even if it does look like I'm eating a burger every other day). Tonight's dinner? Hashed brussel sprouts with whole wheat spaghetti, a dusting of parmesan and a drizzle of top (Fairway) shelf extra virgin olive oil. This dish is a healthy, easy, and delicious keeper. Care to join us? For a recipe, click here. Tune in for tomorrow's meal!


krissy said...

yum that looks good. i did the food shopping this week and we have a TON of veggies. we better start eating them!

Janice said...

It is seriously GOOD. I use light cream and a bit more of it than the recipe calls for, plus cook the sprouts for a bit longer. I could eat this dish every week, mmm.